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Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology – CanASK

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CanASK is currently focusing on hosting the IKC Conference in Banff for 2015.  We have 198 Members: General Members – 34; Practitioner – 88; Instructors – 76, plus 234 Newsletter subscriptions.  When people take Level One Touch for Health, the instructor pays for a newsletter subscription for one year for the student, after which they can choose to continue as a General or Practitioner Member.

There are currently no requirements for members other than taking any SK course, even just Touch for Health.  There are no continuing development criteria.  These are both things on our list to change over the next few years. 
Vision:  To support the Canadian community of Specialized Kinesiology.
  • Be the unifying professional organization for practitioners of specialized kinesiology which supports certified/qualified professionals to provide safe and effective natural health care to the public.
  • Promote self-care and educate the public about natural health care and how to find it through outreach.
  • Honour the uniqueness and differences in professional modalities of natural health care.
  • Support and encourage the provision of quality education leading to high quality professional practitioners.
  • Provide events for our members to refine their techniques and connect with up-to-date knowledge and practices.
  • Create a community that invites practitioners and people of all interest levels to receive up to date information.
  • Encourage and support the continuum of total wellness for all.
  • Honour our founder Dr. John Thie’s original vision to enable families and individuals in their own self care. Continue to promote Dr. Thie’s vision to have a person on every street in every community capable of offering these skills to their friends and neighbours.
  • To affiliate with the International Kinesiology College and other International Kinesiology Associations.
Levels of Membership
The originator of Touch for Health, Dr. John Thie, DC, wished that Touch for Health and the various kinesiologies which grew from Touch for Health were to be shared as widely as possible to the best of each person’s ability. To support his vision, we welcome all healers who utilize muscle-monitoring.
Practitioner member ($125)
Welcoming everyone who practices specialized kinesiology for money and who wish to support the growth of kinesiology in Canada.
Referrals of clients who request practitioners through our contact form on our website, or from phone call-ins; 15 word description of your services in your on-line listing and in our paper directory; Option to purchase more space for advertising; Access to Liability, Content, and Health Insurance; Website Linking; Voting privileges at our Annual General Meetings; Quarterly newsletter; Access to Regional Event Days; Discount at most Annual Meetings and Conferences;  Right to declare yourself a member of a National Association!
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Instructor member ($125)
Includes all of the Practitioner benefits plus:
Free listings of courses in the Newsletter and our our website; TFH Instructors have the right to purchase internationally recognized TFH certificates; TFH Instructors have the right to use the name: “Touch for Health” in advertising classes; Referral of students who request instructors in their area.
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General member ($65)
For someone wanting to support the growth of specialized kinesiology in Canada and be part of our network. This person may perhaps want to participate in exchanges, and wishes to be contacted by people of like-mind.
Quarterly newsletter; Voting privileges at Annual General Meeting; Basic listing in the Association Directory; Access to Regional Event Days; Discount at most Annual Meetings and Conferences; Web Listing; Right to declare yourself a member of a National Association!
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Student member ($35)
- Someone still immersed in studies and wishing to be recognized even though they are not yet in practice. This membership level is priced at a discount with all benefits of a General membership, and is open to any student registering within one year of their first kinesiology class. Valid for only one year.
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Newsletter Subscriber ($35) This is not a membership, and does not include any other benefits other than receiving four issues of our  ‘Reaching Out’ newsletter. First time subscribers (typically a Level 1 student registered by their instructor) may subscribe for only $10.
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BENEFITS of Membership:
Listing of contact information on our website, and in our annual printed Directory. Being part of a network of like-minded individuals who value the amazing tool of muscle-biofeedback for maintaining health.
Being in the loop for news affecting our work in Canada.
Practitioner Code of Ethics
As a Practitioner Member of the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology, I hereby pledge to abide by the Code of Ethics as outlined below:
Client Relationships:
• I shall endeavor to serve the best interests of my clients at all times and to provide the highest quality service possible
• I shall maintain clear and honest communication with my clients and shall keep client communications confidential.
• I shall maintain the highest standards of professional conduct in relation to my clients, other health care professionals and the general public.
• I shall provide services in an ethical and professional manner.
• I shall respect the rights of all ethical practitioners and will cooperate with all health care professionals in a friendly and professional manner
• I shall endeavor to the best of my ability and circumstances to continue my education in Specialized Kinesiology and stay abreast of the latest developments.
Scope of Practice:
• I shall not diagnose, prescribe or provide any other service, procedure, or therapy which requires a license to practice unless specifically licensed to do so.
Image / Advertising Claims:
• I shall strive to project a professional image for myself, my business and my place of employment and the Specialized Kinesiology profession in general.
• I shall actively participate in educating the public regarding the benefits of Specialized Kinesiology.
• I shall practice honesty in advertising, promote my services ethically and in good taste, and practice/advertise only those techniques for which I have received adequate training and/or certification.
For more please contact: office@canask.org, www.canask.org

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