Book your space for the Google hangout!

We are now all set to start work on networks. We'll start with the Research and Statistic network.
Marco Rado ( will be the moderator for the first
Research (Google Hangout) meeting November  27th at 8 p.m.
European time. The maximum of possible participants is 10.
Please book your space early, and at the latest on September
1st. Sabine Rosén is in charge of the organisation, technical
side and follow-up of the Google hangouts.
Her personal invitation you can read here!

List of networks:

1. Research network (set-up under the leadership of Wayne Topping)
2. Legal and regulatory environment network;
3. Criteria for admission of professional practitioners;
4. Ethics and Codes of Conduct;
5. Criteria for recognition of classes;
6. Statistics:
    I. Number of practitioners (members of a national association, non-members)
   II. Number of persons seeking help from K practitioners/year
  III. Average number of sessions per client
  IV. Number of schools/centers and students

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