Monday, April 10, 2017

An Opportunity for Members!

We are excited to announce that the Connecting Through Kinesiology Conference is going to be
available to those who can’t join us in Italy! We will be live-streaming the conference via Zoom.
Those who are not able to take part in person will be able to register for a full or half-day connection.
Please visit the website to register. The cost is 100Euros for each full day and 50Euros for a half day.
One of the members of the AKSI Board will be available for technical support to help people connect
at the right time.
Time is running out for attendees to register! There are so many wonderful presenters in the schedule,
plus the chance to be involved in the IASK forum and AGM. Post conference is a unique workshop
with Adam Lehman and Charles Krebs! Registration forms are available on the website:
Help build the future of IASK :-)
One of the topics for conversation at the upcoming Meeting of Associations concerns the future goals
and objectives of IASK. Are there projects for the future that you would like to see go forward
between Associations or practitioners in different countries? Do you have ideas to help create and
reinforce a strong kinesiology community internationally? Topics that you would like to see covered in
webinars? We want to know what would best serve our members around the world. Please send your
ideas to before April 25, 2017 so that we can take your thoughts into account
at the meeting.

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