Monday, August 4, 2014

Sabine Rosén's invitation to the Google hangouts

Hi, dear kinesiology colleagues!

It was SO NICE to meet you in person in Denmark J

The energy was high, and it was inspiring to realize how much kinesiology grows out in the world.

We agreed to find ways to continue our contact over the country borders in order to unify our skills – both for fun and also to strengthen together the position of kinesiology methods as a professional healthcare option in our countries.

In order to have a good structure and coordination among the work we now can do together, we in IASK board has organized ourselves so we have one contact person in each network. The aim is that you choose one or several groups you want to share information with and then just join (see minutes from the meeting).

As you can read in the minutes taken from the meeting in Denmark we agreed to have several options to share and spread information – official and unofficial platforms on internet, and also live meetings, both in person but most easy by technology.

IASK will set up Google hangouts (live video meetings) with one group at a time. The first group will be ”Research and Statistics”. Marco Rado will prepare the agenda, and I will make sure that you will find it easy with technical details. I will also coordinate information and ideas between the meeting and the IASK board. 

So – PLEASE JOIN – just send an e-mail to me*, confirming that you want to participate in the meeting (it is not a life long obligation, just one meeting as a start) : I will then have contact personally with you to prepare for the hangout J

Time: 10th of September 2014, 8.00 pm European time.

The warmest of hugs for you, kinesiology colleague
/ Sabine Rosén

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