Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ideas for Meeting of Associations in Lisbon

- Exploring standards for practitioners in other countries; developing worldwide common criteria of the “Energy/Specialized Kinesiologist professional competences”, a consensus on common “knowledge standards”, the common ”technical standard” and the common “ethical/Altitudinal standards”, ideas about master and bachelor study path kinesiology; requirements and criteria for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)... particularly K our KF association, especially Training Standards, and Membership would benefit from the wider knowledge...

- Creating an active forum – perhaps via the IASK homepage - where kinesiologists from all over the world could exchange ideas, experiences and research within the different areas of kinesiology, further communication and information past the conference, possibilities for a knowledge data base. Becoming connected in a more ongoing way through newsletter, webcasts of presentations and / e-conferencing

- More information about the status of kinesiology in Europe and worldwide & possibilities for development; competition or cooperation within the kinesiology world

- Research for credibility of our method - current scientific knowledge

- Creating a database of speakers, listing contact details of anyone who would be willing to speak at AGM’s.

- Creating a database containing resources/scientific papers on Kinesiology and its proven health benefits.

- More contact between associations, especially those from Europe, to work together to have kinesiology recognized directly by the European Parliament as a profession

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