Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Country report from Sweden

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   We are 80 kinesiologists that are connected to the Swedish Association of Body Theraphists. There are nine different sections for main therapies, including massage, reflexology and kinesiology.
KrY has 18 Professional Categories (kinesiologists as a profession is one of them). KrY also has 6 Sections/Networc Groups for the members.
   The association is in total about 4 500 members which makes us the largest association of bodytherapists in Sweden. There are also a lot of kinesiologists without any kind of organisation, more or less well educated. 
   The association promotes its members via the website, specific marketing material and events. 
   Kinesiology is recognised as one of several body therapies in Sweden. During the last years there have been mainly positive reports in the press and in the health magazines. Unfortunately there have also be en a few incidents, not with any of our kinesiology members involved though. Our tax system for companies benefit the use of bodytherapy for employees. The government is concerned about the health situation in Sweden, so massage, kinesiology and reflexolgy is deductable for companies. In that way it has been a great benefit for kinesiology in Sweden to be associated with other therapies. 
We have in Sweden only one school with professional ambitions.     
   The education runs for two years and the method is Manual Kinesiology. This is the only school that reaches the standards of the association. 
   There are other educators that arrange shorter courses but not reaching the required level of education to be recognized. 

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